Tuesday, September 17, 2013

things have a way of working out

today was a wonderful day.
ordinary, but wonderful.

celebrating a small victory &
getting to spend time with my beautiful mama.
{she always fills my cup}

my wise mother is such a support to me. 
she'll encourage me, "things have a way of working out."

they do.
i need to believe it, even when things get hard...

truly i probably wouldn't have survived september thus far hadn't it been for my workhorse husband, our families & my hilarious friends who make me laugh on the daily. {and maybe that's being a little bit dramatic....but my dramatics might be part of the problem, okay?}

i'll consider this post my note to self for next time i have a tough time:
yo angie, things have a way of working out.

...and new tv starts this week, so there's that. ;)
{raise the roof}

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Let's just have a moment of silence for how cute this picture is.
Oh, I miss those days.
I miss my babies.

Chloe's ringlets have softened into long wavy locks. She will be 8 this spring! How is that even possible?

Liv's now learning songs & letters...and her adorable jibberish baby language is but a distant memory.
...but not too distant...I can still kinda hear it. It was was my fave. 

I am working on being more present with them.
...striving to appreciate the NOW & not being so concerned & preoccupied about what once was, or {especially} what might happen tomorrow.

It's devastatingly hard for me sometimes - to not worry,
but I'm grateful for the challenge.
I get off track, I have bad days among the good ones...
but this picture reminded me that time passes, time heals, time brings growth,
growth brings beauty.

Today is a gift.  ♥