Monday, October 21, 2013

well hello there, little blog

posts are few and far between this year, but i still love this little space on the www, that i can share life's happenings. and these posts get emailed to my cute grandma in utah, who coincidentally is one of my favorite people ever. hi GRANDMA! ♥

one thing super fun & out of the ordinary, was a recent trip to the land of lands - disney!
we went along with myron's mom's side.
it was full of happy & such a relaxing, rejuvenating trip for grateful to those generous souls who made it happen.
'cause who can be in a bad mood at disneyland?
not i.

this little picture has my heart.
i believe these little girls chose me for a mom & i chose them before we came here to earth.
we are teaching each other.
it's a rough road sometimes.
but i humbly thank the lord for's a blessed one.