Monday, January 28, 2013

so long/farewell

This is my little sister Holly. And her BFF Dillon. Hence Hollon. {Oh, plus Livy....Livy LOVES Dillon}. Holly and Dillon are both really sweet people with pretty faces & kind hearts. I love them each so much. They have both been called to serve missions for our church. They are sacrificing the next couple years-ish of their lives to spreading the good news of the gospel. I am so very proud of them. This picture was taken at Dillon's traditional farewell talk at church on Sunday.
They braved the house of sickdom for Dillon to give the girls a final goodbye this afternoon. These kids are good to my girls and I am going to miss them both so much. Holls has been there for me at some of my darkest times and we have become really tight over the past few years. I get weepy just thinking of her being in a different country, but I know she is doing the right thing for her life & the lives she will inevitably bless as she shares the message of Christ. Dillon leaves on Wednesday & Holly shortly thereafter in February. I know Heavenly Father will bless them & protect them! Godspeed, Hollon.♥


we have each taken a turn with the stomach flu this week. except myron. and i hope he doesn't because we have a weight loss competition going...and i can't afford him to lose anymore poundage!

My life has been barfing and laundry....

And being the recipient of many tender mercies...kind words and texts. A delicious meal from Deb on Saturday. And this above sweetness was just delivered by my mom. I am so grateful for the kind acts of service. I love my family on both sides so very much. I thank heaven for them every single day. ♥

random photo dump

FYI: My new style of blogging is to dump my random pics into a post and use the caption function to tell you about them. Here are some sock cupcakes made for the Fairfield Ward Young Women [aka the cutest, most amazing group of girls EVER] for their birthdays! Our theme this year is the scripture "Stand ye in holy places and be not moved..." ♥

And bam! A breakfast burrito. Told you: random! Have you ever tried bacon + eggs + Grandma's Kitchen Pepperjelly? Get your hands on some of it & prepare to fall in love.

Liv had a playdate with some very fun twin friends and LOVED every minute of it. She is getting so grown up & it makes me so happy and breaks my ever-loving heart simultaneously.

Sometimes I cook dinner. Not very often. So here's proof.

Even more rare? A clean fridge. More proof.

Our week is always a joy if we get to see baby A. She is seriously the happiest girlfriend ever! We love her parents too!
Me and my homegirls. Sometimes I feel really sorry for these girls that they got such a nutjob for a mother. But they're stuck with me & I love 'em something fierce. We are doing a-okay & life is good. ♥

red all over

Gerbs make me so happy. I acquired these beauties at a Young Women's meeting and they stayed pretty for days&days.

Love is in the air. Hung up the [very few] V-day decorations i own this week. February is my favorite month in Arizona, Brings the promise of 2 months of glorious yard work weather & park days & sunshine.
My mom, who knows i love owls, picked up this little guy for me. He makes me smile everyday. ♥ 

I love this quilt all year around, but February is the perfect month to display it. Handquilted by my grandma Dixie Dixon. Love her & miss her. Idaho is far. ♥
And I leave you an awkward selfie of yours truly. Snapped the day after sacred hair appointment day. Bless Audrey's soul, my mullet needed her. ♥

Friday, January 18, 2013

more gratitude give me

it's been a delightful couple of days.
for a girl who needs to take extra doses of vitamin d to stay happy when the weather is gloomy,
i've sure enjoyed the sunshine & 70 degrees. ♥

i snapped this little pic of liv because this little scene in the living room brought joy to my heart.
i felt so grateful in that moment to a lord who sent me that little angel, this little life, with it's own set of tricky problems and true fortune. 
tonight i am grateful that the lord knows my heart. 
i'm grateful that he knows my intentions in all things.
my reasons.
my insecurities, my securities.
my strengths.
my weaknesses.
my potential.
my worth. ♥ 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

around the house

my alyssum and a few snaps came back from seed this year. let's just have a moment of silence to remember how happy last years patch of flowers were.....<silence>

i've been trying to spend at least 15 minutes in the yard / day to get it under control.
making progress a day at a time.
can't wait for the temps to heat up, {just a bit} so i can fill the gaps in my flower bed.
the weather was delightful today, so i took advantage & spent some time out there.
good for the soul, indeed.

the girls are LOVING doing jobs everyday. our system is making life so much easier and cleaner. i have failed so many times at this kind of stuff, i am so happy for some success!

oh livy. she's become more animated and hilarious by the day. we chill around the house, cuddle in blankets & watch cartoons, lots. i cherish these days. ♥
my preferred footwear. so comfy.

does it ever end? answer: no.
this wins for my least favorite chore, though. bright happy dishes make it a little better. ♥

Monday, January 14, 2013

i hope they always remember

a happy little senior cit approached our cart at costco on saturday & sweetly complimented the girls....

"you young ladies both have beautiful hair!"

liv says: "my hairs is yellow and hers is brown!"

and then chloe sweetly and confidently said to the man,

"....but don't worry, heavenly father made us different on purpose!"

my heart burst with love.
sometimes i forget that simple truth....i hope they always remember! ♥

ps: yes, livy is cuddling with a chicken in this picture.
it's a hilariously common occurrence around these parts. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


my new favorite social media is instagram. 
beats blogging and facebook all day long, in my visual-learning/thinking brain. :)
so fun, no drama...just cute happy pictures that remind me of my blessings &
getting major inspired by others photos too. :)
makes me happy. ♥

for my reader[s] that might not have instagram {grandma dent this is for you...}
here's a peek at the week, via my instagram photos:



1. our chickens: rosie, scarlett, and scarlett number two.
2. chloe in a messy bun
3. yay! the biggest loser is back on TV!
4. a sight for sore eyes. ♥ him.
5. liv & mr. miyagi chillin' on my bed.
6. my beautiful workplace, ETC. i'm lucky.
7. my daily chore: putting on makeup.
8. hilarious husband heading out to work in the yard in the cold.
9 & 10. a sewing project for my young women...made them simple journal cases. {purchase journals here}
11. liv & her lalaloopsy dolly collection
12. FHE = plan of salvation & the classic glove analogy
13. chloe & her newest cousin, weston. YOU GUYS! this baby is sheer heaven.
14. studying the new youth curriculum for church. so amazing & inspired.
15. my new bathroom wall hanging, compliments of hobby lobby clearance isle.

and there you go!
it's been a fun week!
follow me & i'll follow you, it'll be a party.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


living with a routine is turning out to be a very successful, happy change of pace for the dunns!

turns out my husband really loves having clean clothes and a home cooked meal! who knew?

my kids are happier & my house is cleaner.

i am really really tired...but a happy, peaceful tired.  life is good. ♥

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

finding peace in routine & structure

i don't love routine & structure.
i don't like the expectation of it all.
i like everyday to be different.
i quite love living in my sweats, with abandon. 
i thrive on being random,
but i enjoy being clean & orgaized too.
i'm kinda a walking oxymoron in that way. 

lately i've been having some major promptings,
that routine & structure are things i need to teach my kids.
i have been having feelings that my girls
would really benefit from following a schedule.

i feel like there would be more peace in my home,
as we follow through with a progam of self-discipline.

and since peace is the ultimate goal this year...

as much as i dread the mundane, i'm trying to make it fun!
we blew up our schedule on a word document super huge/had it laminated....
[six bucks at the superstition staples]
bought a few expo markers to check off our duties as we go
& we're just going to do our best!

our plans officially start when school is back in session
& when my car will start [small details]....

but we took our list for a little test run this morning & it's been fun! ♥ 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

this i know for sure

every experience god gives us, every person he puts in our lives - is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see ♥ -corrie ten boom the hiding place