Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 // HOPE

my sweet, tenderhearted chloe broke down in tears today.
turns out, she doesn't want the new year to come, "she likes being 7 & the time just moves too fast!"
bless her little heart. a very large part of me wishes her to stay 7 forever, too.

i tried to comfort her with...."oh honey, life just keeps getting better and better as you grow!"
but, hi, yikes! i sort of felt like i was lying.
does it? haha, being 7 is kinda, way rad.

but i guess i wasn't lying. 
life IS getting better and better.
i feel like every 365-day trip around the sun, i peel back a little layer of the onion of life.
i learn a little more.
i let go of things that aren't important.
my body ages, my soul grows.
and even though i seemingly move at turtle speed, i AM moving, in what i feel is a good direction.

i want 2014 to be a year of cultivating HOPE. 
less anxiety, more hope.
"be of good cheer, the future is as bright as your faith" as my motto.

"hope is not knowledge, but rather the abiding trust that the lord will fulfill his promises to is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered. {hope} is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance." -uchtdorf

my vision for the new year, is creating a daily life that is filled with more simple, hopeful endeavors in the following areas...
♥ devoting time to my relationship with christ
♥ practicing legit self-care
♥ serving and connecting with my family

i know that every good thing i have comes from a kind, merciful creator, who loves me.
my hope is in him.
may he bless me [& you, my lovely friends!] as we journey 2014. ♥