Tuesday, April 23, 2013

documenting :: april 14-20

my sweet fam before church. ♥ myron was a saint and took them by himself so i could rest up some more. girls are wearing their beautiful new dresses from grandpa ron & kathy. :)
chloe was celebrated, yet again @ nama's on sunday. she recieved so many thoughtful, generous gifts.♥

this week was an emotional one. marathon bombs in boston. bad news all over. my heart was heavy. these flowers from ryan and nichole & other kind recovery-related deeds, texts and deliveries from family & friends helped me get through, but it was a hard one for sure.

flowers of my favorite hue, from my friend kaylene.
always love when this smile comes off the bus. :)

itching to do a few things around the house to make it more homey. first attempt. i like. :)

chloe loses her 7th tooth!!!

out with the old, in with the new.....time to plant my favorite!! zinnias!! :)
went with emily/one of my favorite girls ever to the postal service concert! seriously so good!!!
i loved it!!!
the girls' bed, full of big-eye stuffed animals. they are seriously obsessed. 

we had chloe's friend birthday party pretty belated, due to my surgery....but we did it! :)
happy colors/prepping for the party.
c is for chloe. :)

happy painters decorating their letters, dressed in garbage bags. :)

the finished product! i hope the girls had fun! i know chloe did. :)

and lastly, my funny husband, being funny.

documenting :: april 7-13

started the week off right with general conference. LOVE love love general conference. can't get enough of it & the peace it brings to my soul. :)
without fail general conference tradition :: biscuits and gravy.
notes ♥
it's always hard to choose, but i think bruce d. porter's talk was my favorite. loved sister dalton's too. and clayton's. and holland's. too many great ones too choose. ♥

we had a dixon family birthday celebration & granny surprised chloe with a doll & doll clothes for her birthday too! so special & perfect. ♥
pj party with their dolls. the girls are in love. :)
chloe on her birthday before school. she's looking so old and beautiful. love this 7 year old. something fierce.

livy and i went and had lunchtime in the cafeteria with the birthday girl & her buddies. ♥
does it get any cuter? i submit it does not.
liv found this picture & asked, "is this OUR dad???" lol. remember when myron dressed up as kip? that was funny.
after a really long day of working a double....i came home to this package sitting on the table. cousin dylan had sent 13 dollars shipping's worth of easter candy....that's a ton of candy, btw. he's the most thoughtful soul. love him so much. absolutely made my day/week/month.
myron looking adorable wearing one of gramps' old shirts. at the hospital, waiting for me to go into {{minor}} outpatient surgery to fix my broken body.
i basically spent the rest of the week in bed recovering while my family & friends spoiled me. i am so grateful. my mom took the kids for three days & cooked for me & i slept non-stop. such a blessing. i also watched lots of good chick flicks and glenn beck.

deb made me her stew. she knows it's my fave.
roses from my mom. ♥
after a few days in bed, i was kinda over it. thankfully i was feeling much better after i got lots of rest. :) three cheers for modern medicine. such a blessing and miracle. i saw the hand of the lord in my life this week for sure. :) and i learned i have the best coworkers a girl could ask for. i already knew that, but it was re-confirmed. :)

documenting :: march 31-april 6th

happy easter!! cutest kids....liv, chloe, baby weston & vaeh in matching dresses from aunt audrey. ♥
he lives!! such good news. ♥
love getting emails from my missionaries. and love that the rules changed so she can email me personally! love my sister dixon fixes. :) and when elder harper emails me too...it's double happy.

liv had her friend jane over to play. they both had "yellow hairs" which always pleases her greatly. :)

me & liv :: ready for the day. :)

i've cut back at work & i'm home a lot more at night with the girls. i love being home in the evenings. sometimes bedtime can be frustrating because they have a hard time winding down, but i try to remember how much i appreciate being home with them. reading scriptures, having prayers, and singing songs to them before bed is one of my greatest privileges & blessings. ♥

some love waiting for our hardworking daddy to take to work, because he has to go in at 2am.

liv picked a bazzillion oranges at granny's to juice. it took her a while & she enjoyed every second. :)

a typical day. creative messes are my life.

this happy patch of flowers lives on the corner of our street. it is so breathtakingly beautiful. i don't know my neighbor that grows them, but i sure appreciate the work he puts into his gorgeous yard...it lifts my spirits every spring.

we've been working more on our backyard. we'll get it looking decent, or die tryin. :)

more creative messes. forts are childhood heaven. :) i remember doing this.

conference weekend!! chloe's primary teachers brought her a fun packet to color and work on during the conference sessions. she was ALL over it. :)

the girls. our house. spring. some of my favorite things ever. :)

documenting :: march 24-30th

the chicken's first egg!! and much to our delight: mint green!!! turned out to be rosie's. scarlett & tweetcaster lay golden brown eggs. :)

the girlies posing at church in darling spring dresses from nama & michael. ♥

this is hilarious on so many levels. livy-portait of daddy. we laughed all day.

i loved my bed this particular week. haven't been feeling so hot as of late. consulting with doctors on what the heck is the matter with me.

my craft room has reached epic proportions of scariness. i decided to clean up so we can eventually use that room for something productive.
after!! took a while: but i got every craft supply i own to fit into this happy little closet. 
discovered an AWESOME, mind blowing trick for cleaning showers. equal parts vinegar & blue dawn dishsoap. put in a spray bottle....spray on glass....let it sit for a bit & then scrub down. :) my life has been changed forever. ;)

livy's daddy is a bad influence {not really, haha} & taught her to love the song "thrift shop"....edited version of course. she seriously GETS DOWN & it is hilarious. slightly inappropriate, but hilarious.

new journal. loves.

made broccoli salad for RS meeting. ♥ it was yum. thank you pinterest. :)
olivia "scrapbooking" pics of her & holly. the girls miss holly so much. almost as much as i miss holly. ♥

i was at winco & they had licorice that reminds me of grandpa dent. ♥ miss him so. love him with all my heart. love his wife/grandma dent equally. ♥

the easter bunny came on saturday this year! the girls were delighted! ♥darling necklaces = missthingbling. check it. :)
and then for the annual easter egg hunt at granny & gramp's house. :)

pretty much, my kids live for this. :)

"curly headed rachel" blowing bubbles with liv. ♥

good times had by all with cousins. family = what easter is all about. :) grateful christ made it possible for me to live with these peeps for eternity. ♥