Saturday, October 6, 2012

happy garden

this is my grandma's garden.
it's a slice of heaven on earth.

i spent a few private moments in the garden this week.
i pondered life and it's purposes.
i talked to my heavenly father.
i cried tears of grief and sorrow & tears of gratitude and joy.

the holy ghost taught me truth through quiet whispers in my heart.
i know god is real & good.
i know he is mindful of me, my sweet grandma & all his children on this earth.
i know that everything will be okay, as i exercise faith in him.
i know that through my savior jesus christ, all can be healed and restored -
and that because of him, i can return to live with heavenly father again someday.

i believe that we have to experience pain in this life to know
true beauty & goodness.

few things are more beautiful than my grandma's garden.
i am so grateful i was able to visit.