Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy {and grateful} day one

gratitude is the topic of  [that online class i won] this week.

i certainly make the effort to be grateful in my everyday life,
but this past little bit - i've sure felt negativity slip in the cracks.

it's easy for me to notice where fairness falls short &
 blessings that have not yet come.

[BUT], reality is: i am abundantly blessed. heavenly father has given me everything i need.

i have moments of peace where i know&feel this with my whole heart....
and i'd like to increase the amount of those moments.

i'm going to make november a true month of gratitude.
a month for focusing on the things i DO have, the relationships i truly treasure, and the blessings i have been given - from a kind, all-knowing/all-loving father in heaven.

i am always happier when i choose to be happier.

today i am grateful that we had a safe & happy halloween.
i'm grateful for my mom who offered to sew their darling costumes. 
i'm grateful for awesome friends that we cruised the neighboorhood with.
i'm grateful for the glorious october-in-arizona weather.
i'm grateful for a cozy place to call home at the end of the day.
i'm grateful i live where i do & i'm grateful for all the people, and events and trials that brought us here.
i know that i am where i'm suppose to be & that is a blessed feeling.