Sunday, December 30, 2012

my "one little word" 2013-edition

every year i pick one little word.
wasn't my idea.
but i love the concept of choosing a word as a theme/goal for the new year.

my word for 2013 is: PEACE.

i want to always
go where the peace is. 

♥ i will experience more peace in my heart by spending quiet time everyday in devotion to my god.

♥ i will cultivate more peace within my home through learning, service, and structure.

♥ i will develop peace within relationships by seeking heavenly help and forgiveness.

♥ i will obtain peace with my body, by accepting who i am & taking sufficient care of myself.

♥ i will surround myself with people, things, work/projects that bring me peace and remind me of truth.

here's to another 365-day trip around the sun!
happy new year everyone! ♥