Thursday, January 17, 2013

around the house

my alyssum and a few snaps came back from seed this year. let's just have a moment of silence to remember how happy last years patch of flowers were.....<silence>

i've been trying to spend at least 15 minutes in the yard / day to get it under control.
making progress a day at a time.
can't wait for the temps to heat up, {just a bit} so i can fill the gaps in my flower bed.
the weather was delightful today, so i took advantage & spent some time out there.
good for the soul, indeed.

the girls are LOVING doing jobs everyday. our system is making life so much easier and cleaner. i have failed so many times at this kind of stuff, i am so happy for some success!

oh livy. she's become more animated and hilarious by the day. we chill around the house, cuddle in blankets & watch cartoons, lots. i cherish these days. ♥
my preferred footwear. so comfy.

does it ever end? answer: no.
this wins for my least favorite chore, though. bright happy dishes make it a little better. ♥