Sunday, January 13, 2013


my new favorite social media is instagram. 
beats blogging and facebook all day long, in my visual-learning/thinking brain. :)
so fun, no drama...just cute happy pictures that remind me of my blessings &
getting major inspired by others photos too. :)
makes me happy. ♥

for my reader[s] that might not have instagram {grandma dent this is for you...}
here's a peek at the week, via my instagram photos:



1. our chickens: rosie, scarlett, and scarlett number two.
2. chloe in a messy bun
3. yay! the biggest loser is back on TV!
4. a sight for sore eyes. ♥ him.
5. liv & mr. miyagi chillin' on my bed.
6. my beautiful workplace, ETC. i'm lucky.
7. my daily chore: putting on makeup.
8. hilarious husband heading out to work in the yard in the cold.
9 & 10. a sewing project for my young women...made them simple journal cases. {purchase journals here}
11. liv & her lalaloopsy dolly collection
12. FHE = plan of salvation & the classic glove analogy
13. chloe & her newest cousin, weston. YOU GUYS! this baby is sheer heaven.
14. studying the new youth curriculum for church. so amazing & inspired.
15. my new bathroom wall hanging, compliments of hobby lobby clearance isle.

and there you go!
it's been a fun week!
follow me & i'll follow you, it'll be a party.