Monday, November 19, 2012

happy {and grateful} catch up


i am grateful that each morning,
i wake up to a new day & a fresh start.

i am grateful for morning cartoons, cereal, family prayer,
and a bus stop right across the street.

i am grateful for a mom who walks with me for fun & for exercise.
she's my best friend, my therapist, my trusted confidant. 

i am grateful for my physical body.
i curse my body and all it's flaws on a daily basis,
but really {deep down} i'm just grateful that my lungs breath in & out,
my muscles move, my brain thinks, and my heart beats.
what a blessing.

i'm grateful for daily repentance.
i know that through the savior's atonement,
behaviors, attitudes, bad feelings, sins & shortcomings
can be healed and made right.
because of jesus christ, i can wake up with a clean slate.
i am so grateful. ♥