Friday, November 9, 2012

happy {and grateful} day 9


i am grateful for my happy, simple home life.
i spend most of my time at home. 
i am a through & through, homebody deluxe. 
i love being cozy. 

today i tried my hand at homemade chicken noodle soup.
i had to wing it because i was just using stuff i had in the fridge/pantry...
and it actually tastes, like, edible AND delicious.
you have to understand that
kitchen successes are [few and far] between around here.
i am grateful for an encouraging, yummy lunch.

we built livy a small fort to hang out in all day.
i've been babysitting a friend's [ridiculously darling] baby today.
myron and chloe arrive home around 2:30.
i love days like today.

i'm so grateful for my non-eventful, simple, boring-yet-beautiful wonderful life.
i try not to take it for granted. ♥