Wednesday, January 2, 2013

finding peace in routine & structure

i don't love routine & structure.
i don't like the expectation of it all.
i like everyday to be different.
i quite love living in my sweats, with abandon. 
i thrive on being random,
but i enjoy being clean & orgaized too.
i'm kinda a walking oxymoron in that way. 

lately i've been having some major promptings,
that routine & structure are things i need to teach my kids.
i have been having feelings that my girls
would really benefit from following a schedule.

i feel like there would be more peace in my home,
as we follow through with a progam of self-discipline.

and since peace is the ultimate goal this year...

as much as i dread the mundane, i'm trying to make it fun!
we blew up our schedule on a word document super huge/had it laminated....
[six bucks at the superstition staples]
bought a few expo markers to check off our duties as we go
& we're just going to do our best!

our plans officially start when school is back in session
& when my car will start [small details]....

but we took our list for a little test run this morning & it's been fun! ♥