Monday, January 28, 2013

random photo dump

FYI: My new style of blogging is to dump my random pics into a post and use the caption function to tell you about them. Here are some sock cupcakes made for the Fairfield Ward Young Women [aka the cutest, most amazing group of girls EVER] for their birthdays! Our theme this year is the scripture "Stand ye in holy places and be not moved..." ♥

And bam! A breakfast burrito. Told you: random! Have you ever tried bacon + eggs + Grandma's Kitchen Pepperjelly? Get your hands on some of it & prepare to fall in love.

Liv had a playdate with some very fun twin friends and LOVED every minute of it. She is getting so grown up & it makes me so happy and breaks my ever-loving heart simultaneously.

Sometimes I cook dinner. Not very often. So here's proof.

Even more rare? A clean fridge. More proof.

Our week is always a joy if we get to see baby A. She is seriously the happiest girlfriend ever! We love her parents too!
Me and my homegirls. Sometimes I feel really sorry for these girls that they got such a nutjob for a mother. But they're stuck with me & I love 'em something fierce. We are doing a-okay & life is good. ♥