Monday, January 28, 2013

red all over

Gerbs make me so happy. I acquired these beauties at a Young Women's meeting and they stayed pretty for days&days.

Love is in the air. Hung up the [very few] V-day decorations i own this week. February is my favorite month in Arizona, Brings the promise of 2 months of glorious yard work weather & park days & sunshine.
My mom, who knows i love owls, picked up this little guy for me. He makes me smile everyday. ♥ 

I love this quilt all year around, but February is the perfect month to display it. Handquilted by my grandma Dixie Dixon. Love her & miss her. Idaho is far. ♥
And I leave you an awkward selfie of yours truly. Snapped the day after sacred hair appointment day. Bless Audrey's soul, my mullet needed her. ♥