Monday, January 28, 2013

so long/farewell

This is my little sister Holly. And her BFF Dillon. Hence Hollon. {Oh, plus Livy....Livy LOVES Dillon}. Holly and Dillon are both really sweet people with pretty faces & kind hearts. I love them each so much. They have both been called to serve missions for our church. They are sacrificing the next couple years-ish of their lives to spreading the good news of the gospel. I am so very proud of them. This picture was taken at Dillon's traditional farewell talk at church on Sunday.
They braved the house of sickdom for Dillon to give the girls a final goodbye this afternoon. These kids are good to my girls and I am going to miss them both so much. Holls has been there for me at some of my darkest times and we have become really tight over the past few years. I get weepy just thinking of her being in a different country, but I know she is doing the right thing for her life & the lives she will inevitably bless as she shares the message of Christ. Dillon leaves on Wednesday & Holly shortly thereafter in February. I know Heavenly Father will bless them & protect them! Godspeed, Hollon.♥