Monday, March 4, 2013


my girls make me laugh.

the other day i woke up to chloe dressed as the cat in the hat. she surprised us with a whole day of seuss-themed activities planned, to celebrate dr. seuss' birthday. never a dull moment around here! thank goodness for the internet, we colored seuss themed printables, read every seuss book we own & watched the lorax. :) it was a fun day.

the weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, so i've been pulling weeds & de-wintering my yard. slowly, but surely. :) the girls play and play & it makes my heart so happy. i am so in love with those little ragamuffins. sure, they make me crazy....but they mostly just make me happy & color my life with joy every single day. livy's crazy bangs that she refuses to keep in a bow. chloe's giggle that is infectious. hugs a plenty & happiness to spare. i am so blessed & grateful to my heavenly father for these little angels. ♥

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Amy said...

dude. did you notice the ladybug on chloe's arm in th picture with her arm outstretched? It's a sign. :) I always think lady bugs are lucky.