Thursday, March 7, 2013


q: did i just eat week-old enchiladas for 4th meal? were they beyond nasty?
a: yes & heck yes.

q: do i wish my entire wardrobe consisted of old cozy band tshirts & fuzzy track suits?
a: do i ever!

q: was i ticked that all my shows were re-runs this week?
a: guilty as charged.

q: do i go to bed on time, like a say to myself I WILL every.single.morning?
a: never.

q: does myron go to bed at {at least} 8:30 pm every night?
a: without fail

q: do i live in the chicken's backyard, or do the chickens live in my backyard?
a: i live in the chicken's backyard. they own me. #farmlife

q: do i love that spring break is next week?
a: not really. does that make me a bad mom? [rhetorical]

q: am i starting to eat/drink good again tomorrow?
a: yep..........try try again, all the days of my life. [detox = killjoy!]

q: do i have a mullet?
a: yes, trim & color on monday. counting down the minutes.

q: does this post sound bitter?
a: definitely not intended, but maybe.


Leslie Woolf said...

Good moms know that spring break isn't really a break. :)

p.s. spring break for us usually means we totally mess up every routine we've finally gotten pretty good at, i.e. bedtime/wake-ups

Lindsee said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thoroughly.