Tuesday, April 23, 2013

documenting :: april 14-20

my sweet fam before church. ♥ myron was a saint and took them by himself so i could rest up some more. girls are wearing their beautiful new dresses from grandpa ron & kathy. :)
chloe was celebrated, yet again @ nama's on sunday. she recieved so many thoughtful, generous gifts.♥

this week was an emotional one. marathon bombs in boston. bad news all over. my heart was heavy. these flowers from ryan and nichole & other kind recovery-related deeds, texts and deliveries from family & friends helped me get through, but it was a hard one for sure.

flowers of my favorite hue, from my friend kaylene.
always love when this smile comes off the bus. :)

itching to do a few things around the house to make it more homey. first attempt. i like. :)

chloe loses her 7th tooth!!!

out with the old, in with the new.....time to plant my favorite!! zinnias!! :)
went with emily/one of my favorite girls ever to the postal service concert! seriously so good!!!
i loved it!!!
the girls' bed, full of big-eye stuffed animals. they are seriously obsessed. 

we had chloe's friend birthday party pretty belated, due to my surgery....but we did it! :)
happy colors/prepping for the party.
c is for chloe. :)

happy painters decorating their letters, dressed in garbage bags. :)

the finished product! i hope the girls had fun! i know chloe did. :)

and lastly, my funny husband, being funny.


Kara Staples said...

I recognize many of those party girls! (: I hope you're feeling better!

Bev said...

How did I not know you were having surgery? Seriously? I'm going to call you tonight.....and I missed your birthday too!! You can tell I have no life! Happy Birthday and speedy recovery!!!!!!