Tuesday, April 23, 2013

documenting :: april 7-13

started the week off right with general conference. LOVE love love general conference. can't get enough of it & the peace it brings to my soul. :)
without fail general conference tradition :: biscuits and gravy.
notes ♥
it's always hard to choose, but i think bruce d. porter's talk was my favorite. loved sister dalton's too. and clayton's. and holland's. too many great ones too choose. ♥

we had a dixon family birthday celebration & granny surprised chloe with a doll & doll clothes for her birthday too! so special & perfect. ♥
pj party with their dolls. the girls are in love. :)
chloe on her birthday before school. she's looking so old and beautiful. love this 7 year old. something fierce.

livy and i went and had lunchtime in the cafeteria with the birthday girl & her buddies. ♥
does it get any cuter? i submit it does not.
liv found this picture & asked, "is this OUR dad???" lol. remember when myron dressed up as kip? that was funny.
after a really long day of working a double....i came home to this package sitting on the table. cousin dylan had sent 13 dollars shipping's worth of easter candy....that's a ton of candy, btw. he's the most thoughtful soul. love him so much. absolutely made my day/week/month.
myron looking adorable wearing one of gramps' old shirts. at the hospital, waiting for me to go into {{minor}} outpatient surgery to fix my broken body.
i basically spent the rest of the week in bed recovering while my family & friends spoiled me. i am so grateful. my mom took the kids for three days & cooked for me & i slept non-stop. such a blessing. i also watched lots of good chick flicks and glenn beck.

deb made me her stew. she knows it's my fave.
roses from my mom. ♥
after a few days in bed, i was kinda over it. thankfully i was feeling much better after i got lots of rest. :) three cheers for modern medicine. such a blessing and miracle. i saw the hand of the lord in my life this week for sure. :) and i learned i have the best coworkers a girl could ask for. i already knew that, but it was re-confirmed. :)

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