Tuesday, April 23, 2013

documenting :: march 31-april 6th

happy easter!! cutest kids....liv, chloe, baby weston & vaeh in matching dresses from aunt audrey. ♥
he lives!! such good news. ♥
love getting emails from my missionaries. and love that the rules changed so she can email me personally! love my sister dixon fixes. :) and when elder harper emails me too...it's double happy.

liv had her friend jane over to play. they both had "yellow hairs" which always pleases her greatly. :)

me & liv :: ready for the day. :)

i've cut back at work & i'm home a lot more at night with the girls. i love being home in the evenings. sometimes bedtime can be frustrating because they have a hard time winding down, but i try to remember how much i appreciate being home with them. reading scriptures, having prayers, and singing songs to them before bed is one of my greatest privileges & blessings. ♥

some love waiting for our hardworking daddy to take to work, because he has to go in at 2am.

liv picked a bazzillion oranges at granny's to juice. it took her a while & she enjoyed every second. :)

a typical day. creative messes are my life.

this happy patch of flowers lives on the corner of our street. it is so breathtakingly beautiful. i don't know my neighbor that grows them, but i sure appreciate the work he puts into his gorgeous yard...it lifts my spirits every spring.

we've been working more on our backyard. we'll get it looking decent, or die tryin. :)

more creative messes. forts are childhood heaven. :) i remember doing this.

conference weekend!! chloe's primary teachers brought her a fun packet to color and work on during the conference sessions. she was ALL over it. :)

the girls. our house. spring. some of my favorite things ever. :)

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