Monday, April 22, 2013

documenting march 10th-16th

 livy's 4th birthday!! how did my baby become 4? she wanted a monkey party. girlfriend LOVES monkeys. :)
some of my favorite things about livy: her creativity, her sense of humor, her sweetest balance of tomboy & girlie. she's a rough & tough, tender little girl....full of spunk and sweetness. ♥
livy was SO spoiled by all her family. her granny d. made her homemade doll clothes & gave her a dolly to match. she loves it so much. i remember granny doing that for me as a girl, and grandma dent too. makes my ♥ happy. we are so grateful for our extended families who are so generous and gave her the funnest fanciest clothes and toys.
she's been enamored with her doll ever since....the apple doesn't fall far. :)
here's a picture of my cute freckled husand & his favorite freckled chicken, tweetcaster. he loves his livestock. ;)
chloe & her buddy brinlee having a playdate. it was spring break and friends over is what kept us all sane & happy! playdates are good for everyone involved. :)
panda lover & monkey lover
we were without a we pretty much walked everywhere. the camry's radiator busted. no bueno.
we went to the park with these fun adams friends! we also had lunch and a day-long playday with the eyestones. it was fun to catch up with both! i was happy to see them. i am so lucky to have friends who, even after we hadn't connected in while, are still kindreds. ♥

my never-ending life of laundry and ironing. always behind.  ♫ always & forever. ♫

my silly girls love their green veggies. it's a mystery to me. i certainly didn't have anything to do with this...but i don't complain! i'm happy they love broccoli & spinach & the like! maybe their good examples will rub off on me someday. ;)

i've been reading aloud to the girlies. seriously nothing makes me happier. times like this, i feel closest to my heavenly father. raising my babies is a gift that i try super hard not to take for granted. i am so grateful.

me looking like a hot mess. what i look makeup/sweats/myron's t-shirt....90% of the time.

when i beheld this scene in the kitchen....the song, "you're gonna miss this" popped into my head.

pretty chloe at dinner. almost always happy. love that smile & her bright, kind eyes.

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