Monday, April 22, 2013

how i print my instagrams :: the most ghetto way possible

a few kind souls that i love asked how i print my instas.

disclaimer is that i know nothing about computers and i'm sure there's five bazzillion more efficient/awesome ways.

1. go to & find my instas.
2. right-click & save-as all my instas i want to print.
3. go to [free photo collage-making website]
4. select the option to make a collage
5. do the ducks-in-row collage....2-4x4 pictures
6. then i insert one insta into one of those slots & save that.
7. then i upload that to costco to print as a 4x6.....and it obvi prints it 4x4. :)

see, 1 million steps & it sorta takes forever.
but and the image is big. :)
for project life, it's a good size because usually you cut the photo down to 3x4. :)
works for me and my bootleg ways. :) 


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The Candlands said...

Cheap is my middle name sista! Thanks for the info!