Monday, April 22, 2013

documenting :: march 17-23

chlo' displaying her rad desert habitat artwork
spring is my absolute favorite time of year. i live for it! and it most certainly does not last long enough. :)
livy helps me in the yard a lot. :) clearing a spot for another pomegranate shrub. :)

new pack of waters colored by liv. she likes to keep things interesting around here. :)

one day i was mopping & she randomly got up on the chairs and fell asleep! to say i was SHOCKED would be an understatement.

libs LOVES to color. so do i. we bond over art, her & i. :)

the top the girls dresser. a beautiful mess. :)

one of my young women's value experiences is to get the backyard cleaned up. first step was creating a habitat for the chickens so that they didn't leave a mess everywhere. this shot is about halfway through the process. :)

sometimes i take mental health days & just lie on the couch watching cartoons and playing toys with livy. it's good for the soul. ♥

i melt when i read things like this. such a lover, that chloe. so grateful for her spirit in our family to constantly remind me what is very most important & how blessed we are to have each other. ♥
my bff came into town from far away & i had a fun visit with her and her new beautiful baby at the park. love her always. ♥
how could you not love him. he's so adorable. and i'm not talking about the chicken. though she's pretty cute herself. :)

this was an awesome opportunity! the entire group of youth in the stake participated in a walk to the gilbert temple! it was a little over 8 miles. :) before the walk, each youth selected an ancestor to do temple work for. so the walk was a symbolic event....walking with our ancestors to the temple. it turned out to be a very powerful, inspiring experience for me & the girls.

my awesome first counselor & friend, kim. she's basically the greatest. :) sporting our attractive tie-dye t's we made at mutual. :)

our youth group + bishop, looking sharp at 6am. :) good times.

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