Tuesday, April 23, 2013

documenting :: march 24-30th

the chicken's first egg!! and much to our delight: mint green!!! turned out to be rosie's. scarlett & tweetcaster lay golden brown eggs. :)

the girlies posing at church in darling spring dresses from nama & michael. ♥

this is hilarious on so many levels. livy-portait of daddy. we laughed all day.

i loved my bed this particular week. haven't been feeling so hot as of late. consulting with doctors on what the heck is the matter with me.

my craft room has reached epic proportions of scariness. i decided to clean up so we can eventually use that room for something productive.
after!! took a while: but i got every craft supply i own to fit into this happy little closet. 
discovered an AWESOME, mind blowing trick for cleaning showers. equal parts vinegar & blue dawn dishsoap. put in a spray bottle....spray on glass....let it sit for a bit & then scrub down. :) my life has been changed forever. ;)

livy's daddy is a bad influence {not really, haha} & taught her to love the song "thrift shop"....edited version of course. she seriously GETS DOWN & it is hilarious. slightly inappropriate, but hilarious.

new journal. loves.

made broccoli salad for RS meeting. ♥ it was yum. thank you pinterest. :)
olivia "scrapbooking" pics of her & holly. the girls miss holly so much. almost as much as i miss holly. ♥

i was at winco & they had licorice that reminds me of grandpa dent. ♥ miss him so. love him with all my heart. love his wife/grandma dent equally. ♥

the easter bunny came on saturday this year! the girls were delighted! ♥darling necklaces = missthingbling. check it. :)
and then for the annual easter egg hunt at granny & gramp's house. :)

pretty much, my kids live for this. :)

"curly headed rachel" blowing bubbles with liv. ♥

good times had by all with cousins. family = what easter is all about. :) grateful christ made it possible for me to live with these peeps for eternity. ♥

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